Carousel plugin demos

Below are demos of the jQuery infinite-scrolling carousel plugin from the public GitHub project found here: Each section displays a different instance of the plugin determined by the initialization options and CSS.

The combined CSS for all of the demos can be viewed here:

NOTE: the CSS should work for all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and Internet Explorer 8 and later. IE 7 and older, things fall apart. However, if you are still using IE 7, then I'm sorry, but that's your fault.

Carousel DEMO #1

Basic carousel with simple CSS.

Carousel DEMO #2

Carousel with a three-column grid within each frame.

Carousel DEMO #3

Carousel utilizing Font Awesome icons for the navigation arrows, which are absolutely positioned to the sides of the slide window.

Carousel DEMO #4

Carousel with full-size images (slideshow) and utilizing Font Awesome icons for the navigation arrows. The positioning of the navigation is simply done with some fancier CSS.

All public domain images are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.